Funeral Videography

The last journey of a loved one is worth capturing. We are funeral videography experts producing beautiful and timeless funeral films for families in London and the South East (including Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire and Buckinghamshire). We work creatively, yet completely unobtrusively. Please have a look at our recent funeral videography work on this page and feel free to get in touch. Our funeral video productions start at £595.

Funeral Video Example
Live Streaming plus Video Edit

The family hired us to live stream the funeral for the family overseas (mainly in Canada and Malaysia). In addition to the live stream recording, we also filmed (not live) establishing shots of the church, the hearse and the family arriving as well as ‘B-Roll’ shots inside the church. The burial was filmed (and live streamed at the same time) using a steady cam. In the edit, we overlayed narrative audio from the eulogies with the additional footage and added gentle music. Please click here to find out more about our Funeral Live Streaming Services.

The Art Funeral Videography

Why would you need funeral videography?

This is probably the most common question, we get asked when we tell someone about what we do. The answer is simple: in order to remember. Like many important family milestones, funerals are deeply emotional ceremonies, which may seem to fly by too quickly. A recording of the ceremony, the hymns, the eulogies, the tributes, the burial, the wake and so much more can become a priceless keepsake for the whole family. Especially children who might have been too young to attend and who might immensely appreciate a beautiful video recording as they grow up and discover who they are and where they come from. On one hand, a funeral video may help you to say goodbye, while on the other hand, it may help you to remember your loved one forever.

Unobtrusive funeral filming

We have filmed hundreds of events over the years and there is one aspect which pops up frequently in the reviews that we get: our clients appreciate how unobtrusively or even ‘invisibly’ we work. Respect is our highest value and the last thing we ever want is to disturb anybody. We arrive ahead of time to set up, we move slowly and quietly, our cameras are completely silent, we use long lenses so we can film from a distance, we don’t film faces of mourners (unless you ask us to) and we dress well in order to blend in. Filming a funeral should never cause any sort of nuisance. We stick to these principles and so far we have only had excellent reviews.

Funeral Video Example
Short Video plus Photography

The family approached us to create an honest and beautiful video of the funeral service, burial and wake for the child of the deceased to watch as he grows up. The aim was to produce an emotional memory of her last journey that would stand the test of time over the coming decades.  We filmed the service with two cameras and the burial and wake with one camera on a small steady-cam rig. In addition, we shot photography, which can be available on request. We delivered the final edit about one week after the funeral.

Creative and Technical Aspects of Funeral Videography

Audio and music recording

We use the latest generation digital wireless microphone technology. These clip-on microphones are extremely small and capture exceptional sound quality. We ask the priest or celebrant to wear one (which has never been a problem) and we clip them to lecterns, pulpits, or attach them somewhere close to musicians. All microphones are recorded in sync so that in the editing process we can mix all sound sources into the edited video.

We have a commercial license to a top-end production music library. We are allowed to use these music tracks in our clients’ funeral video productions without limitations. Our clients can share our productions freely online, without any worries of being penalised by the platforms (like YouTube or Facebook) they share them on.

Funeral videos with a ‘movie’ look

We often hear from our clients that our work looks and feels like a big-budget production. Making a film look ‘cinematic’ comes down to a few simple principles. We frame our shots in a way that tells the whole story, including surroundings, context and movement. We use top-end cameras and (most importantly) top-of-the-range lenses which are indeed capable of creating the look of big-budget productions. They produce a look which is balanced and has natural colours, especially the skin tones. We use special lens filters to achieve even exposures to avoid the common ‘video look’ such as overexposed (blown-out) skies and highlights. We do not use cheesy zoom effects but instead gently and slowly move the camera on handheld steady-cam rigs. All of these methods combined increase the look and feel of our productions.

Funeral Video Example
Long Funeral Video

The family commissioned us to produce a funeral video of the entire day of the funeral, starting at the family home, the church funeral service, the burial and the wake afterwards. We started with a one-camera setup on a small steady-cam rig to film the funeral directors arriving at the family home. The church service was filmed with two cameras from the back of the church. The audio was recorded with tiny microphones clipped to the lectern. The burial and wake were filmed on a steady cam. The edit took about one week to complete.

The Process of Producing a Funeral Video

Booking a funeral videographer

If you are considering hiring a videographer to film your loved one’s funeral, please get in touch. The process is very straightforward. We’ll discuss (over the phone or via Zoom) what you would like the final product to be and how we can achieve it technically and logistically. We will send you a detailed proposal and quote, which you can discuss with your family if needed. Once you are ready to go ahead, we will send you a link to our booking system. We will send you a receipt of your deposit and contract.

What happens on the day?

We will make sure that everything is arranged beforehand (incl. parking permits etc). We will arrive with ample time to set up our gear and introduce ourselves to all relevant people (the priest, funeral directors, musicians etc). Our aim is to give you and your family all the space you need, while quietly working around you filming all the shots required. Once the first edit is ready, we will send it to you. If you have any requests or comments we will tweak the edit until you are 100% happy.

Funeral Video Example
War Veteran Funeral Video

A BBC camerawoman approached us to produce an emotive memory of her father’s last journey – at the graceful age of 99! The event started with the hearse arriving at the cemetery chapel, followed by a short funeral service before the congregation proceeded to the grave outside. As the deceased gentleman was a decorated veteran, the family had displayed impressive memorabilia about his journey during WW2. The family also engaged a singer in the chapel and a bugle player outside at the grave. The editing process took about a week.

Kind words from our clients

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