Funeral live streaming by Funeral Memories are respectful and discreet.

Funeral Live Streaming

Private and respectful funeral live streaming for London and the South East

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Funeral Live Streaming Experts

At Funeral Memories we are a team of experienced funeral live streaming experts. We livestream funerals in London and the entire South East including Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Berkshire, Hampshire and Buckinghamshire. In the last 10 years we have streamed hundreds of funerals.

Live Streaming connects families

We help families in and around London to connect with their loved ones around the globe during bereavement through our reliable, TV-quality funeral live streaming solutions. We truly understand how important a trustworthy, respectful and discreet live streaming service is to our clients.

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    Are you looking for funeral live streaming?

    Our funeral live streaming solutions are perfect for family members who are located overseas or aren’t mobile enough to attend in person. Funeral live streaming may sound unusual at first, but attending funerals online is actually becoming quite common in the last few years.   We offer bespoke packages ranging from a single-camera setup to complex, yet unobtrusive multi-camera-multi-location funeral live streaming productions.

    Kind words from our funeral live streaming clients

    What does funeral live streaming exactly look like?

    Our funeral live streaming service looks like a private TV broadcast, and of course, everything is recorded and can be watched again after the ceremony. Our service is very discreet, we are not showing any close-up shots of the faces of mourners (mostly over-the-shoulder perspectives). We work closely with others involved (funeral directors, priests, churchwardens, musicians, etc.) to ensure everything goes smoothly on the day.

    Hearse arriving at cemetery during funeral live stream in Surrey
    Bowing in front of the coffin
    Picture of coffin seen between two mourners

    How is a funeral live stream transmitted?

    We use state-of-the-art broadcast cameras, microphones and data transmission equipment (the same system that was used during the coronation). The quality of our funeral live streams is comparable to streamed television programmes. We bring multiple mobile internet connections with us, which enables us to stream from almost any location. We do not require a local internet connection.

    How we produce the live stream on location

    • Streamed via 4x 4G connections ‘bonded’ together (extremely powerful transmission system)
    • State-of-the-art broadcast-quality cameras
    • Single-camera or multi-camera (up to six cameras) options are available
    • Professional wireless lapel microphones for priests, celebrants
    • Wireless shotgun microphone in front of the lectern for readings etc.
    • Room microphones for hymns and additional spot microphones for musicians etc

    How you see the live stream at home

    • A private real-time TV-quality video broadcast
    • Private Link works in any internet browser on any device, no need to install any software
    • Unobtrusive, over-the-shoulder perspective avoiding faces for mourners
    • Unlimited funeral live stream viewers (some of my streams had over 1000 connected devices)
    • Recorded live stream available online indefinitely, easy download function for your personal archive
    • full HD (1080p) resolution

    Which parts does the live streaming cover?

    Typically, we go live about 15min before the ceremony. With our multi-camera option, we can show a pre-produced photo slideshow (included), or prerecorded video tributes – a wonderful way to bridge the waiting time. If we are transmitting with just one camera, we’d show the altar or zoom in on a candle or church window.

    We are not moving around to avoid any nuisance. One of our cameras is equipped with an extremely long zoom lens to get a great close-up shot of the speaker/celebrant even from across the room.

    The final goodbye at the grave during funeral in Berkshire
    Children at grave of their grandmother at live streamed funeral in Kent
    Placing flowers and soil onto the grave during funeral live stream

    How do we book our funeral live streaming?

    Give us a call or send us an email with your requirements and let us send you a pitch tailored to your funeral live streaming requirements. Once you have decided which solution or package is best for you, we will send you a personalised booking link. You can confirm the booking and pay the 20% deposit with just a few clicks. We always confirm receipt of everything. Once you have uploaded a photo of the deceased person we will create your personalised viewing page. All you have to do is forward this link to the remote guests. There is no need to install any software.

    High-end funeral live streaming enables mourners at home to watch and participate in the funeral ceremony in real time.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    We are always happy to discuss your individual funeral live streaming requirements. When we lose a loved one, we know they are never truly gone. Contact us for funeral live streaming services, and we’ll preserve the memory of their last journey together.