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Even though funerals are incredibly sad they are major family events. As such, funeral photographs – taken discreetly and respectfully – will help the family to remember the day of their loved one’s last journey. Funeral photography can document the closing of an important chapter. Honouring the occasion in pictures can help you to say goodbye over the coming months and years. It will also help the younger generation, who might not be aware of what’s happening, to understand at a later point in time.

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Moritz is heading the team of funeral live streamers at Funeral Memories based in London.
Widower hugging relative at funeral in Surrey
Sports club paying their respects during funeral in Surrey
Stunning funeral photography in North London

Beautiful and Meaningful Funeral Photography

The purpose funeral photography

Photographing funerals might sound unusual at first but it’s gaining popularity every year. A funeral, like many family gatherings, is a moment to reflect and remember. And photographs can help. Photographs can tell entire stories in a single frame. Your loved one’s last journey is a moment that is worth remembering and treasuring. Funeral photography is an expression of honour to the one who has passed. Funeral photographs can be a valuable family keepsake that can be passed on from generation to generation.

What does funeral photography capture?

We tell stories as they happen without ever influencing them. Depending on your requirements, we can shoot any part of the day including the hearse arriving at the family home, the funeral service (church, temple, cemetery, crematorium, outside), the burial and even the wake afterwards. We pride ourselves on capturing moments without ever disturbing them.  And of course, we photograph all the details such as flower arrangements, cards and the order of service.

Photograph of beautiful flowers on a new grave in South London
Photo of horse-drawn funeral cortege at central London cemetery.

Telling Stories Discreetly

How we work as a funeral photographers

Losing a loved one and organising the funeral is, without question, one of the toughest experiences any family can go through. But it is also a celebration of a loved one’s life – a chance to recount precious memories and remind others of this person’s achievements, and the legacy they left behind.
We as funeral photographers can help to capture these moments to be treasured for the decades ahead. We move around slowly and quietly, our cameras don’t click (no sound), and we dress well in order to blend in with the congregation.

The benefits of funeral photography

We always shoot with the context in mind. You might want to print the images we take or share them online. We aim to tell a story in our images, whether it’s on a large poster-size print or a tiny phone screen. We avoid showing people mourning or crying as these are deeply private moments. While all black may be a common theme, funerals can also be such colourful occasions – whether that’s capturing floral arrangements or smiles as families reunite. All of these moments can be captured together in one album, giving you a comprehensive look back at your loved one’s final journey.

Funeral directors carrying coffin to the grave followed by widower and his children in Surrey
Coffin inside a hearse with open door
Funeral directors bringing the coffin to the grave during a rainy funeral in South London

How to book and what to expect

Booking a funeral photography package

After we have discussed your package (locations, services, crew etc) we will send you a link to your tentative job in our booking system. From there it will feel a bit like online shopping. On the first page, the services you’re booking will be listed in detail. Once you click ‘continue’, you will arrive at a questionnaire where you can fill in all relevant details (locations, timings, etc – you can go back to this page later). The third page includes a short legal booking agreement which you can sign digitally in the browser. The fourth and last page will generate your invoice. We are a limited company, operating as Schmittat Ltd. There are no hidden or additional costs.  All prices include travel, post-production and VAT.

Preparing for the funeral

In the days leading up to the funeral, you can be in touch with us as often as you like. We are easy to reach via email, phone or WhatsApp. On the day itself, you can completely ‘forget’ about us and concentrate on the ceremonies.

Editing the funeral photographs

Depending on the length of your booking, we need about 3-5 days to cull and edit your final photos. We will deliver your photographs via a client page on our website. Here you can view and download your images as often as you like. Feel free to share this gallery link with your family and friends.

Funeral directors and congregation bowing their heads
Distant shot of a funeral at a cemetery in Hampshire
Congregation proceeding form the church to the cemetery with coffin pulled by a horse

More than just Funeral Photography

Funeral Live Streaming

In addition to funeral photography, we also offer high-end funeral live streaming. We are able to combine taking photos and video live streaming while keeping the footprint to an absolute minimum. We have delivered projects consisting of multi-location photography and multi-camera live streaming. Please get in touch to see some examples.

Funeral Videography

If live-streaming is not suitable, you might be interested in our funeral videography service. We are able to photograph and film at the same time – even with a single shooter. Our video projects can range from a single camera filming the service, to complex multi-location and multi-camera solutions. Please get in touch and let’s discuss what you have in mind.

Open coffin viewing during funeral ceremony in East London
Two boys looking at the coffin of their mother
Close up shot of message left in a bouquet of flowers at funeral in West Sussex

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