Two-way funeral live stream with Zoom integration
Remote readings via Zoom during funeral live stream
Funeral live streaming via Zoom from central London

Funeral Live Streaming FAQs

Do we need to provide an internet connection on location?

Not at all. For all our funeral live stream productions we use the same system that TV journalists use when broadcasting on the go. It’s a very clever system that uses four mobile 4G internet connections in parallel. It breaks the live stream data up into four smaller chunks, and transmits all data in parallel to our servers, where it gets stitched back together into one seamless live stream – and all of this happens almost instantly. Practically this means that we have four times the data throughput of a normal phone connection on location. Considering the fact that in most cases even a single connection has ample bandwidth for HD video live streaming it is very likely that we can produce a full-quality funeral live stream even at challenging locations. Only in extreme situations – if there is literally no mobile reception at all (which is very rare) – we would have to record the funeral locally (which we always do as a backup anyway) and upload the recording afterwards.

Would Funeral Videography be a good alternative?

The difference between funeral live streaming and funeral videography is that live streams are one continuous take from the start of the broadcast to the end. Any camera movement is broadcasted live and therefore should be kept to a minimum. Non-live filming is completely different in this regard. When producing non-live content the shooter can move around freely and quickly, start and stop the recording as needed and even shoot slow-motion footage. Later in the editing process, the footage and sound recordings can be overlayed creatively in order to produce an emotional piece that takes full advantage of non-linear filming. Please have a look here to find out more.

What about Funeral Photography

Funeral Photography is becoming increasingly popular. Still pictures can tell entire stories in a single frame – captured forever. We offer funeral photography in two options: firstly, the live stream operator can shoot a few stills while running the live stream, or, secondly, an additional shooter concentrates on still images exclusively. We shoot photographs in an extremely discreet way. We use long lenses to photograph from a comfortable distance and our cameras are completely silent (no click). Please get in touch so we can show you a few examples or have a look here to find out more.

Do you liaise with all relevant partners?

A few days before the funeral, we will introduce ourselves to your funeral directors, the church and priest, musicians and anybody else who will play an important role during the funeral. It is important that everybody involved knows that we are there to ensure a smooth and unobtrusive service. Creating a meaningful and respectful funeral is a team effort by many partners.

What happens on the day of the funeral?

We typically arrive about two hours beforehand to set up and get acquainted with the location. We place wireless microphones at strategic places such as the lectern, pulpit, and in front of the musicians/organ. We also have wearable microphones for the priest or celebrant. For our multi-cam package, we place several wireless mini-cameras in the room to show the service from multiple angles.  Your funeral video live stream will start and end with a still frame including the name (and photo if you like) and funeral date of the deceased or, if you prefer, with a photo slideshow made to beautiful music. We wear dark and respectful clothes to blend in.

How do I access and view the funeral live stream?

Before the funeral, we will send you a private link (hidden from Google) that you can share with all remote guests. There is no limit to the number of people who can watch it at the same time. Also, the funeral live stream will work on practically any PC, laptop, tablet, smart TV or smartphone.

Can I rewatch the funeral live stream after the funeral?

Straight after the funeral, the live stream window becomes a normal video player. You can re-watch the funeral again as often as you like. The funeral live stream video will remain online indefinitely and you are more than welcome to save copies at no charge for your personal archive. We never ever delete any footage and we are happy to assist you in accessing and downloading the recording even in the years to come.

Which areas do you cover?

Our funeral live streaming business is based in Surrey and most of our funeral live streaming bookings are in the South East including London, Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire and Buckinghamshire. Occasionally, we travel further, but we would have to speak about additional travel expenses.

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    Shot of cemetery in North London during funeral live streaming production
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